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Jewelry collection launches to benefit children fighting cancer

Do you appreciate a strong woman – mom, daughter, or house family member battling the severe deadly disease of cancer or already accomplished their fight by a Pandora jewelry or vintage jewelry? You can gift them a personal item of jewelry like a Daisy jewelry’s pendant, even buy for yourself, donate them from your jewelry collection launches with confidence, and think greatly appreciating that a part of the income proceeds to Children’s Cancer Partners to assist and help other children and families in the mettle and fight. Children’s Cancer Partners is happy to companion and partner with several other jewelry brands like Hidden Truth Jewelry outside of Columbia, South Carolina, to produce a Cancer Warrior route.

Jewelry collection launches to benefit children fighting cancer
 collection launches

The list comprises several items, highlighting the Warrior Ribbon and the inscription, “Be Solid and Make Us Battle Fearlessly.” Twenty-five percent of all interests, no matter your purchasing tenacity, will pass straight to CCP to support strong children plus parents and families. Just like Hidden Truth Jewelry Brand, so many other brands like Blue Nile, Regal Rose, Romanov Russia, and Persian jewelry are also contributing a lot from their interests and sales just for the sake of humanity and to help children fighting cancer and several other diseases. These are more exceeding than just gorgeous jewelry with a note on the back. Each moment you buy, you will help beautiful and brave children battling cancer disease.

Cherish Your Loved Ones

At Etsy Jewelry, we understand your desire to do the most decisive and positive, uplifted, and enabled transcription of yourself. To achieve that, you require a means to memorialize your cherished one assertively rather than undergoing the void and grief you currently connected with their hurt and loss due to the cancer disease. But you’ve fought to discover an approach to faith, honor, and take your admired one’s consciousness with you in a suggestive, significant form, which presents you seem grounded in the gutters of sorrow and despair. collection launches

We guess there’s an answer to this. The thing that will motivate you to take on while also valuing your near and dear one. We perceive what you feel if you have lost your loved one to cancer. That’s why we now organized uniquely exceptional jewelry devoted to conserving the thought of your near and dear ones while also remaining fashionable eye confectionery. These are brandy design jewelry with a special sense of meaning that you won’t see wherever more.

Pandora Jewelry Fundraising for Cancer Suffering Kids

 collection launches

Pandora jewelry brand is donating one dollar to the fundraising companies in order to help needy people. Pandora and brand Muse Halima Aden join in help of UNICEF as the Marley people reimagine the iconic paean One Love for a global fundraising request. Activist and Model Halima Aden have appeared contemporaneously with Pandora jewelry to promote UNICEF’s One Love ambition, to reimagine a society suitable for all kids. To counteract the COVID-19 pandemic from growing an open-ended disaster for the world’s diverse, weak kids, Pandora jewelry will agree on every dollar distributed for One Love up to the amount of US$1 million. collection launches

Members of the Marley house are re-recording the new Bob Marley’s iconic hymn One Love with the help of UNICEF. Tuff Gong Amplified and International Music will deliver a modish transcription of the original melody on July 17. All rewards from the tune plus related exercises undeviatingly help UNICEF’s Reimagine warfare.

Blue Nile Jewelry Brand Charity Programs

The Blue Nile is an online jewel retailer and a brand that was established in the year 1999. It is basically located in Seattle, Washington. Since February 2017, it is considered a subsidiary of Bain Capital. The business that grew the Blue Nile started in 1995 when the owner Doug Williams of the well-known Williams & Son Inc. of Seattle began a website for selling jewels and diamonds online.

 collection launches

Mark C. Vadon, an administration specialist at Bain & Company, bought a brilliant engagement ring or a wedding ring in 1998. In 1999, Vadon allocated $6 million to buy 85% of the corporation and develop the website. The name of the company was transferred to the Blue Nile at that time after this success in November 1999. Throughout the subsequent year, the business grew a supplementary $44 million. Blue Nile Jewelry brand is also donating a lot of money to the needy and fundraising institutes for the positive impact in society, especially for the betterment of the children and for those who are fighting against cancer disease. collection launches

Some Other Brands’ Contribution for Children Help

Half United

Siblings Carmin Black and Christian established Half United behind in 2009 to blend their enthusiasm for style and humanitarianism. Utilizing reused cartridges and bullet parts, Half United’s unique jewelry devices authorize customers to battle against starvation and hunger. Each product bought forms seven bags of meals for a kid in poverty. Half United distributes the abundance of forages borrowed evenly within their regional and global associates at the expiration of every month. An example of their global allies is Elevating Ministries, which serve larger than 5,000 pupils a day. In the preceding eight years, Half United has provided over 800,000 feeds for kids in pennilessness.


After testifying the difficulties of Ethiopian gentlewomen born in desperate hardship, Barrett Ward intended to stop generational hunger when he founded AccountABLE. The company impersonated ladies with an alternative chance to give them sustenance while permitting them outside of insolvency. Women in different areas of the U.S, Ethiopia, Peru, and Mexico design and produce items from handcrafted jewels to footwear. AccountABLE is an example of the rare organizations that have announced their earnings. AccountABLE supports other businesses that will take the equivalent strategy and recognize the difference between the smallest wage and a maintenance wage by securing their operators’ salaries unrestricted.


Akola is a limited Ugandan language that transmutes to “she works.” Ladies crosswise, East Africa handcraft every item of jewels, and the U.S. Akola hires ladies who consider for a score of 10 orphans. By their generous co-workers, Akola Project and Akola Academy, the company plans projects for ladies in precarious conditions in the U.S and East Africa. collection launches

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