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Diamond trilogy ring: Some frequently asked questions

The diamond trilogy ring is a three-stone ring often made from just diamonds set side-by-side or two diamonds with a centre gemstone. The centre stone on a diamond trilogy ring might be a bit bigger or higher than either supporting stone, showing the significance of the present. A trilogy ring might have one gemstone, diamonds, a mix of stones, or other precious stones

Trilogy rings have a distinct aim at which they are directed. They can be worn at various gatherings as trilogy rings can work as promise rings, wedding bands, engagement rings and friendship rings. They can be gifted to people for many occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, valentines, or any gift to express your affection towards your one-and-only.

There exists, however, two separate trilogy rings. The first is with three stones, each having a similar size and the other with a larger centre stone. The second trilogy ring is used by people who want a bigger centre stone for proposals and another for different aims. In most cases, the stone of a trilogy ring may be produced from gemstone to portray an intense feeling or emotion (sapphire for peace and sincerity, ruby for passion and emerald for faithfulness).

Diamond trilogy ring: Some frequently asked questions

Diamond trilogy ring

Does it need to be worn as a wedding ring?

Not! Although trilogy rings are used as elegant engagement rings, they can work for other uses, unlike solitaire rings that are most commonly thought to be engagement rings. Most people prefer a trilogy ring when celebrating an anniversary or depicting their commitment to another partner if they don’t want to settle down. Diamond trilogy ring

Picking Your Gemstones Or Diamonds

Diamond trilogy ring

You have the choice of mixing various diamond shapes and a wide variety of precious stones, letting you design a ring that matches your fiance’s taste accurately.

Pick from a wide selection of diamonds when choosing your centre stone or a precious stone like sapphire, emerald or ruby for a bright flash of colour. The diamond or gemstone selected can be well-crafted into many shapes, from timeless cuts like pear and round to modern shapes like the heart.

Putting two smaller stones on any side of your central diamond brilliantly improves its fire and scintillation while also giving room for definition and structure. Putting smaller diamonds or precious stones together in a traditional cut will provide a classic, beautiful look. In contrast, the geometric shapes of baguette and trilliant diamonds give a contemporary and neat feel. Diamond trilogy ring

The dimension of these smaller stones vary. The less the size of the side stones, the higher they’ll push the eye close to the central diamond.

What does the Trilogy ring symbolize?

Diamond trilogy ring

The three precious stones in a trilogy ring depict the trinity: mind, body, and soul, with the trinity, typically indicated as a spiral having three angles or as a triangle. While for those like couples, the three precious stones show the past, present and future. In the same way, it also indicates friendship, love and fidelity. Diamond trilogy ring

There are different meanings for a trilogy ring, such as:

1. The past, present& future: The past, present and future are the most specific meaning, which is why trilogy rings are beloved as wedding rings for couples; and it is often portrayed by the three-stone trilogy ring with a bigger centre stone. The three stones depict the different levels of both couples. The first stone (left) indicates the past and all the fun memories they had. The centre stone (larger stone) depicts the now, including the proposal. The third stone (right) portrays the future of both partners, including their dreams and aspirations.

2. Friendship, love & devotion: Friendship indicates a close non-romantic tie between friends. Love portrays a non-romantic and romantic connection between partners as well as family. Devotion means a commitment to God. Thus, these three meanings reveal the idea of living a successful life, and it stabilizes the wearer, bringing to their awareness the essential relations of their living.

3. Family: Trilogy ring portrays a family in three separate ways. The first way is like the fiance (most often the mother) having two children, whereby the centre stone depicts the parent that brings their children close to them. The second way shows two parents (both partners) and their only baby. Thirdly, the three stones with a similar size portray three kids. Diamond trilogy ring

4. The Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit: In some Christian doctrines, the three stones hold a biblical meaning in which each stone reveals a part of the holy trinity. God is a single God, but three co-existing co-substantial beings: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Diamond trilogy ring This meaning that one God is in three Holy Beings. Diamond trilogy ring

5. To love, honour, & cherish: The true purpose of a wedding vow is to commit to Love, Honor, and Cherish your partner. The love means their dedication and staying with each other, both sides showing and expressing their love towards each other. Honour depicts seeing your fiance as they are, including their past self and now, good qualities and weaknesses, similarities and contrasts. Cherish portrays caring for and being concerned about yourselves in a way that expresses love, respect, and compassion during their lifetime. Diamond trilogy ring

Settings And Metals For Trilogy Engagement Rings

Trilogy engagement rings can serve many purposes, working with delicate, tapered bands and more robust, clearer styles. They can be worn together with every metal setting: white gold rose gold, yellow gold and platinum.

A trilogy wedding ring is an elegant symbol of the connection between you and your partner and will have in years yet to come while also serving as a token of the enduring memories you’ve already had. Diamond trilogy ring

A trilogy ring, also used as a wedding ring, can be adorned on the fourth finger of the left hand – typically known as the ring finger- to indicate the love and commitment you have for your partner. Though, there are many ways with which you can pair or wear your trilogy ring:

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