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How to Wear Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire Jewelry are one of nature’s most beautiful gemstones, with different colors like; pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, violet, and blue. Blue is the most common sapphire color, and the Greek word from which the name of this gemstone was coined, “sappheiros,” also means blue. The more intense the color, the more valuable the gem. Sapphire Jewelry

Blue sapphires are the most expensive because they are the most sought after out of all the colors. It is also of the hardest gemstones, coming just behind the diamond. The gem has been known to symbolize innocence, clarity, and beauty. It is also believed to attract prosperity, good health, abundance, and gifts. The most expensive sapphire globally is The Blue Bell of Asia, weighing 392.52 carats and rumored to be worth around $17 564,156 million. It is also one of the most popular choices for an engagement ring because not only is the stone dazzling, it represents truth, loyalty, and fidelity.

And not only for engagement rings, but the sapphire gemstone is also an excellent choice for buying jewelry. With a bit of creativity, you can accessorize your outfit with sapphire jewelry and look fantastic.

How to Wear Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire Jewelry

Can you wear sapphire every day?

Because of its durability, you can wear sapphire over a long time without losing its value, unlike fragile pearls. It is an ideal material for regular wear, and it requires minimal care. It can also be handed down to generations as a family heirloom.

What colors look good with sapphire?

A pair of blue sapphire earrings with a red dress would make a stunning combination. You might think it is an odd combination because it sounds like a lot of color clashing-just try it and see just how well the combination looks. Sapphire Jewelry

You cannot go wrong with blue on blue, so a blue sapphire necklace with matching earrings will do just splendid with an outfit in the shade of blue.
Another combination to try is yellow sapphire on blue. A dark shade of blue with a piece of sapphire blue jewelry will complete each other to give you a fantastic ensemble.

How to wear sapphire jewelry

Be bold:

Some people think that sapphire’s vibrant colors should be paired with dull-colored outfits, which is not valid. We know that sapphire blue goes well with red, blue, and yellow sapphire will complement a blue outfit. Cooler colors like purple, green will complement warmer tones like orange and yellow. Pairing sapphire jewels with other colors is one sure-fire way to make a statement.

Sapphire Jewelry

Basic colors:

Everybody knows that black goes with any and every color. Wearing sapphire in black makes it stand out even more. Try pairing off that black dress with yellow sapphire earrings and a matching necklace when you want to go out for dinner and see just how eye-catching it looks in the mirror. Even the most simple outfits, a leather jacket with jeans or a black tee, can be worn with sapphire blue earrings. It is a guaranteed way to look good, but if it is what you are going for, have all the attention on you.

With other gemstones:

You can pair your sapphire jewelry with other gemstones, like a plain diamond bracelet, or have it inlaid for a unique look. The trick to this is to use subtler stones because this helps to accentuate the sapphire in your statement jewelry piece.

Gemstones like diamond, aquamarine and white topaz are examples of gemstones that, when paired with sapphire, would complement, yet not crowd the gemstone and shadow its rich, vibrant hue.

Choose your metal:

Choosing the metal to be paired with sapphire is as essential as choosing the outfit to go with it because even the tiniest details matter. Blue sapphire looks stunning when paired with white metal, platinum, and rose gold. This is because the cool colors of the metals boost the vibrant color of the blue sapphire. Sapphire Jewelry

Yellow sapphires are suited to fit with any metal, but it also depends on the shade of yellow. To avoid overshadowing the color, light yellow sapphires work well with white gold, and darker shades of yellow sapphire will complement a brighter shade of yellow.

To highlight the bright pink hue, the perfect backdrop for pink sapphires would be white gold. The metal complements the gemstone without taking attention off its beautiful luster.

Let it shine:

Sapphire is not a gemstone that hides behind others. The rich colors of the stone are meant to pop and shine. If you are adding a piece of sapphire jewelry to your ensemble, let it show. Wear a short-sleeved shirt to let your sapphire bracelet shine, and a sleeveless gown is an excellent opportunity to put on your statement sapphire necklace and matching drop earrings.

Is sapphire cheaper than a diamond?

If you are planning to buy an engagement ring and won’t go for other choices asides from diamonds, consider sapphires. Sapphires are not only almost as hard as diamonds, but they also come in different colors, too-like the article earlier mentioned. Some sapphires can even change colors from blue under sunlight or fluorescent light to the shade of purple under incandescing light. Sapphires are also cheaper than diamonds which is an excellent way to save money.


There are so many ways to wear sapphire jewelry. All it needs is a touch of creativity, complementary colors, considering the occasion, and ensuring that you let the gem make the statement it was created to make. You can get sapphire jewelry from Pandora and other retail jewelers for affordable prices to spice up your collection. Just remember to add just two ingredients before you step out; your winning smile and absolute confidence in how amazing you look.

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