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925 Sterling Silver Rings the Infinity Charm

wholesale ring factory the Infinity Charm

As we step out in the market to purchase jewelry today, a peculiar sight greets us. Contrary to common thought, most women, especially young adults wish to purchase the wholesale ring factory, instead of the expensive gold ones. Wondering what is the hype of the 925 Sterling Silver? 

This silver is different from pure silver, but in a better sense. Consisting of a mixture of metals, there is 92.5% (hence the 925) silver, and remaining other metals like Copper. This is because a low quantity of silver allows for greater designs to be made in the ring. It molds much easily and can even include intricate designs and patterns. 

wholesale ring factory; the Infinity Charm

Wondering what beautiful intricate design is famous in 925 silver? It is none other than the very famous infinity ring. The design is a sight for sore eyes. The beautiful pattern resembles a lateral curved 8. Overlapping in the middle, the design looks easy, but is difficult to replicate smoothly. However, as a 925-sterling silver ring design, it stuns on the finger. 

wholesale ring factory; the Infinity Charm 001

The ring is open to customizations. It could simply be like a plain band, consisting only of the 925 silver. Or, it could be further enhanced by including cubic zirconia stones in the design of the ‘8’. You can have the rings made in pairs, one for your loved one, and one for yourself.It is also open to engravings in the inner side. If serving as a wedding ring, you could engrave the date of your wedding in on the inside. Or, true love could also be amongst best friends. So you could buy the ring for your girl gang bestie, with an engraving of ‘Friends Forever’ in the interior

wholesale ring factory; the Infinity Charm 003

The beauty of the 925 Sterling Silver ring lies in the personalization it offers, which is seldom found in other rings. Also, as compared to other jewelry items, it is not heavy on the pocket. A delicate yet meaningful ring – the 925 silver infinity design wins hearts! 

Can’t go the jewelry shop? Buy the ring at reduced wholesale prices online. Pocket-friendly jewelry – yes please!   


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